HP Helicopters -
Medium Aircrane and Extreme Environment Helicopter Services

4000 pound lift capability up to 11,500 feet

(may change with actual temp and wind conditions onsite)

Services List

FAR Part 91.313

  • Fire Fighting
  • Heli-logging
  • Hazardous fuel reduction
  • Utility infrastructure support
  • Remote area construction support
  • Inaccessible Aircraft and asset recovery service
  • Aerial surveillance and photography
  • Emergency frost control
  • Forest conservation
  • Animal control and relocation
  • Movie and TV participation

What Makes HP Helicopters The Company Of Choice?

• Excellent Safety Record
• High Performance and Cost Effective helicopters
• Medium Air-cranes/Heli-tankers are fresh overhauled with all low time components
• Unique altitude capabilities
• Personal service
• Central location and competitive rates
• Full service capabilities
• Professional ground crews
• Extended remote operation capabilities.


Service Areas of Expertise

  • HP Helicopters-

    Medium Aircrane and Extreme Environment Helicopter Services.